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What age is best for newborn photos?

What age is best for newborn photos?

What age is best for newborn photos?  You’ve just arrived home with your new baby…you’ve counted their little fingers and toes and they’re perfect.  You want professional images of your adorable baby, but you don’t know the best time to get them. 

Most photographers will tell you that the best time to photograph a newborn is when they are between five to fourteen days old.   That’s my preferred age to shoot at as well.  That’s not a hard and fast rule, but it is, for the most part, accurate.  One of the things that makes newborn photography special is the limber nature of the babies.  They have been curled up in your womb for months and have incredible flexibility.  That flexibility allows photographers to curl the babies into adorable, round, wrapped little bundles, or place them into posed positions that older babies may not be able to do as safely. 

Every baby is different, of course.  Preemie babies typically have flexibility longer than full term babies.  Babies that are larger at birth may not be quite as flexible as their smaller counterparts.  The general rule of thumb, though, is to try to get your photo shoot done between that five to fourteen days.

Is 1 month too old for newborn pictures?

Is one month too old for newborn pictures?  Of course not.  A professional photographer can get beautiful posed images any time during a newborn’s life.  The images just might not be exactly what you’re imagining.  As babies age, they lose their flexibility; even within the first few days of life.  If you want images where baby is super curled up, laying on a small bed or tucked gently into a bucket, then you need to schedule your newborn session as quickly as possible.  Schedule the session immediately after the baby is born or set up possible dates with me before you are due. 

If you are okay with simpler poses, such as baby just wrapped and on a posing pillow or bed, then you can still do newborn images when baby is a bit older.  Sometimes, a good photographer can even get a few of those bucket or bowl prop images done, even when baby is a bit older.   I took the image below when this little boy was 4 weeks old.  As you can see, it’s a snug fit, but it still works and will be a cherished image for years to come.

Another thing to consider when deciding when to get newborn images taken is that younger babies tend to fall, and stay, asleep much easier than older babies.  While it is not necessary for the baby to be asleep for all of the images, it is safer.  Babies that are awake can fight being swaddled or could startle easily.  Having babies asleep also can make placing and posing the baby much simpler which can lead to a more varied and complete gallery of images.

When should I book my newborn session?

The best time to start thinking about when you should book your session is a few weeks before you are due.  You will want time to review photographer’s websites to find one that you like.   If you want maternity photography or birth photography done, you may even be able to utilize the same photographer for each type of shoot.  You will also want to see what your chosen photographer’s schedule looks like.  Many photographers book up quickly and the last thing you want is to have to scramble to find a replacement after the baby is born. 

Communicating with your photographer is critical, especially as your expected due date approaches.  Notify them (me) as soon as the baby is born and set a date for your newborn shoot.  I suggest making the call to your photographer before you even leave the hospital.  The sooner you call, the more likely your photographer will have an available date for you. 

How late is too late for newborn pictures?

It is never too late to get images of your baby.  Even if they are no longer newborns, you will cherish having professional images of your children whether they are one month, two months or ten months old.  Book a session with me now and get those images as soon as you can.   You won’t regret it and you will have precious memories of your sweet baby.  Now you know what age is best for newborn photos.

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