Fun in the Sun

Summer has arrived and with it comes water fights, camping, nature walks, days at the beach and loads of art fairs and carnivals. What a fantastic time to get out there with your camera! Even if you are not a professional, this a perfect time to capture your family doing what it loves best.

For me that means, racing after my two children and trying to get them to look at the camera. Do you have that problem? Here are a couple of my go-to solutions.

1. Bubbles. If your kids are little, like mine, they are still fascinated by bubbles. Get a bubble gun or one of those bubble machines and set it to going. They'll flock to the bubbles and you'll have an easier time capturing their sweet smiling faces.

2. Ask them to find the "froggy" in your camera. Can they see it blink? They'll look straight into the lens looking for that elusive frog.

3. Bribes. Yes, I'm not above bribes, but remember to only use this as a last resort. The promise of candy, a favorite toy or TV time only hold the kids for so long, usually about 5-6 frames.

I hope these tips help! Happy shooting!